Resizing a fixed vdi hard drive -VirtualBox / Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Guest / LVM partition with CloneZilla (in 22 frames!), pt2

This one will be fairly straightforward. Follow the white rabbit arrow in these screenshots and you should be alright. If it needs clarification let me know in the comments, I’ll add captions as needed.

*click on the images to make them bigger ;)

clone_disk4 - Copy
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VirtualBox Guest Additions Windows 10 TP(x64) -install

If you reached as far as installing Win 10 in VirtualBox and starting the software, congrats. Next bump in the road might be installing the Guest Additions to have that shiny new-old OS display nicely accross your screen and other VB addons.
Here’s what worked for me on VirtualBox 4.3.18 :

first check your settings:
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Resizing a fixed vdi hard drive -VirtualBox / Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Guest / LVM partition with CloneZilla (and a lot of patience…), pt1

For lack of smaller title…
I’m chopping it in three parts to not have a massive endless post.

Here’s what happened: my dev box got full and needed to resize it. First problem is that it’s a fixed vdi so no easy way, I can’t just VBoxManage on the command line. This post by Ruben Martinez almost got me there but then I got in trouble at the partition resizing part (…because LVM?). Check his post perhaps you’ll get through the process and it will then probably save you time. Else here’s a bunch of pretty pictures to guide you.

This post relates to resizing a fixed hard drive by ways of creating a new (bigger) one with VirtualBox, cloning the old drive to the new with Clonezilla and lastly fixing the LVM partition with the Ubuntu Live CD to enjoy the added space.

I’ve used Windows Steps Recorder for the screenshots as well as for those that it didn’t make  –> it bailed on me for quite a few screenshots, will have to make them all over for part three :/

Link to Clonezilla:
Part two is here

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