New repo/fork – April 26, 2015 at 01:44PM


April 26, 2015 at 01:44PM

HTML Newsletter VM

A very rudimentary Vagrant virtual machine to automate (responsive) HTML emails. Based on a previous installed machine which in turn was inspired by this article by Victor Garcia:



The process to Indexed, a page centric theme

So… I wanted my website to have a fresh look, perhaps make it feel a bit more professional too.

Without a real aim, I generated an underscores template and the latest version of Foundation 5 from their repo. There was however some certitude aside a clean-to-minimal design I was after.

Pages – the post type, don’t get enough tlc I feel. But in combination with ACF Pro they are quite powerful. Plus my website is static. Making the theme solely focused on pages is a no brainer here.¬†I figured it was the occasion to try Timber as well.

Along the way I switched from Foundation to Materialize. I’m a big fan of material design and was curious of the framework, so another opportunity for something new. Applying their starter template, I was immediately chuffed¬†with the result on ‘index.php’, the only template used by the theme. The orange was a pleasant surprise, very elegant imho.

Timber was certainly helpful to quickly test out Materialize and is currently only used for the loop. I barely scratched the surface of Timber and am looking forward to use it more in depth. The docs are a great and the plugin provides a starter theme. I drew inspiration from it for my function file.

In terms of (theme) features, for time and convenience I used this Hide Title plugin, it certainly would be a nice option to have it baked in though. And then there is ACF to go wild with. The only requirement is to set a page of choice as front page, this could be automated too I suppose.

Good enough for personal use yet far from finished. I guess I’d like to give it some more structure before throwing it out there.

Trying out Timber, ACF and Materialize surely was inspiring.