I am late with this but I really enjoyed listening to WordPress Taverns’ interview
with guest Tom McFarlin, WP developer and writer.
The discussion felt honest and I was compelled by certain questions and ensuing answers,
as I’m progressing from user to developer and wanting to get more involved.
Also fun to hear about his workflow and similar music taste (yeah!)

Listen here:

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Cristovao Verstraeten

WordPress services for one-man & small businesses in the real world, based in Amsterdam. My logbook interrelates inspiration, thoughts and development of a perennial endeavor. I’ve been “working” with WP since 2009 -first on .com and got my introduction to HTML/CSS customisation. Since 2011, I moved my blog to the self hosted platform and enjoyed experimenting with a local install. Shelved my blog two years ago to focus on web development, registered officially in the Netherlands as freelance WordPress developer since May 2014. Happy volunteer at WordCamp NL 14 and WCEU 14 ~ also a passionate musician, occasional digital artist and model...

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